Drag-Nat Fab Box

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Hey Girl Hey!

Glam up your fridge with this 5 pk Drag-Nat Fab Box. 

This party-set includes 5 colourful German pet-nats from Jas Swan. 

10% off! Gotta save the bills for them thrills! 

Pet-Nat Contents: (Left to Right)

  • Cucu 2021   X1  (Kerner, Cabernet Blanc, and Regent)
  • Kiki 2020 X1 (Pinot Gris, Regent, and Cabernet Blanc)
  • Cucu 2020 X1  (Merlot, Kerner, and Gewürztraminer)
  • Kiki 2021 X1 (Merlot, Pinot Blanc [Weissburgunder], and Riesling)
  • Queendom 2020 X1 (Regent, Pinot Gris [Grauburgunder], and Riesling) 

You can find Jas on IG: @Terroirmerroir

**Warning: Do not shake and ensure the pet-nats AKA drag-nats are cold before opening. Have a glass ready. You may or may not experience a bout of luscious foam**

The Drag Queens of The Drag-Nat's:

Kiki: @Msronya

Cucu: @James.thecreature

Queendom: @_camo_mille