Event Schedule:

Sauvage Art Cafe event program can be found on Instagram: @Sauvageartcafe or on display at Sauvage.

Collaborations and Event Inquiries:

Sauvage’s intention is to create a thought-provoking event program that enriches and sparks curiosity amongst the Oud-West community. Please fill out this page if you are interested in collaborating with Sauvage!

Event Values:

Bio-Diversity: Sauvage views events as a great way to connect people of different backgrounds, cultures, and fields of thought. Sauvage sees the intertwining of different energies as the philosophy and foundation of a healthy, regenerative eco-system. 

Symbiosis: Events and collaborations strive towards symbiosis. Not only does the event and Sauvage need to flourish, but the surrounding neighbourhood, city, and world need to benefit. Harmony on all levels is the ideal and we are all responsible for our space.

Mobility: Physically and spiritually, Sauvage is an ever-changing space. Sauvage’s furniture, people, wine, and art are all alive. Growing, dying, and evolving, the space shifts with the beings, feelings, and thoughts that occupy it.  

Here and Now: There’s no better time to act then now. There’s no better people to work with then your neighbours. Sauvage acts local and in the present as there is no better time or place than the “here and now”.