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Katla Wines

Jas Swan has been vinifying natural wine in the Mosel (Germany) since 2019. Bootstrapping Katla Wines, Jas has taken chances and experimented with a mix and match of winemaking styles, vineyard sites, and varietals.

Starting her gastronomic journey at Dill in Reykjavik, Jas is a lover of foraging and the gifts of the natural world. Jas, on a recent trip to Iceland, used photos of the barren Icelandic landscape as labels for her 2020 and 2021 vintage. Still inspired by Iceland and the northern regions, Jas named cuvées still wine collection named after Icelandic +Germanic mythology. (SEE Sigyn + Hiltja + Soley

As an advocate of drag and trans rights, Jas has created a "Drag-nat" line of Pet-Nats which pay homage to the artistic expression of drag.

The Drag Queens of The Drag-Nat's:

Kiki: @Msronya

Cucu: @James.thecreature

Queendom: @_camo_mille