November 23, 2023

Festive wines for your Christmas dinner

By Selection Sauvage
Selection Sauvage wine pairings for your Christmas meal
We've handpicked a collection of extraordinary natural wines tailored to elevate your Christmas dinner. Explore the perfect pairings for this year's menu. 
(They also make a great Christmas gift for the wine lovers in your life.) 


Here are the close-ups to find your perfect match:

Voltor (2022)

    La Recerca Voltor 2022
    Meet the captivating blend of Macabeo and Muscat grapes from Recerca, a renowned producer in the Côtes du Roussillon Villages region. With its mesmerizing light orange hue, this wine takes you on a sensory journey through notes of blossom, orange peel, grapefruit, peach, and lychee. Whether as an aperitif or to kick off dinner, it sets the perfect tone for a delightful culinary adventure.

    Magneto 2021

    Recerca Magneto 2021
    A remarkable creation from Recerca, crafted by the skilled winemakers Laurent Pujol and Jessica Albero in the bountiful region of Languedoc-Roussillon, France. This 2021 vintage, a captivating red with a dash of white (Grenache Noir and Macabeo), boasts tasting notes of blackberry, black cherry, pastry, vanilla, blackcurrant, and black plum, offering a balanced and indulgent experience. Versatile and perfect as a starter, this wine is an impeccable choice to set the tone for a festive meal.

    Contakt Rouge (2022)

    De Mena Contakt Rouge 2022
    From the picturesque vineyards of Corbières, France, comes this 2022 vintage by Domaine De Mena. The red blend, comprised of 90% Carignan and 10% Grenache Gris, is a delightful fusion of energetic notes including chocolate, black cherry, flint, blueberries, thyme, and lilac. Fine grain tannins contribute to a surprisingly lighter overall experience than its rich color suggests. Pairs perfectly with pasta dishes and aromatic mushroom creations.

    Premier Vin (2021)

      Sense Pressa Premier Vin 2021
      Another star for your Christmas meal is this 2021 vintage from Sense Pressa. A vibrant red (100% Grenache), is a testament to the meticulous artistry of the winemakers. With enchanting tasting notes of raspberry, blood orange, and passion fruit, this wine delivers a refreshing and dynamic experience. Versatile enough to elevate the flavors of duck and chicken, or to complement starter dishes and those featuring citrus notes.

      Lumen (2019)

      La Voluta Lumen 2019
      With its versatile profile, this option is the perfect accompaniment to roasts, dishes with sweet notes, and anything glazed. Lumen is a 2019 vintage from Cucugnan, France. This harmonious blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Carignan unfolds a symphony of flavors, including compote blueberry, red currant, wild forest berry, bread, cherry syrup, balsamic, red plum, eucalyptus, and a touch of iodine. There's a playful residual sweetness, but not enough to make it a sweet wine.

      Marama (2020)

      La Voluta Marama 2020
        A delightful alternative to Lumen is also La Voluta's Marama. A 2020 vintage from featuring Grenache, Syrah, and Carignan. Same same but different: This red natural wine, with a subtle sweetness, unveils slightly more playful tasting notes of bubblegum and cherry that go well with glazed dishes and roasts, too.

        Rot (2022)

        Glow Glow Rot 2022
        'Rot' is a vibrant natural red wine from Glow Glow, located in Nahe, Germany. It's a blend of Regent and Dornfelder varietals. With a symphony of red currant, cherry, and plum notes, accentuated by hints of kirsch and a touch of black pepper it pairs perfectly with classic meat dishes and robustly flavored vegetable dishes.'Rot' is an ideal companion for festive feasts.

        Triplette (2021)

        Sense Pressa Triplette 2021
        Also consider this 2021 Grenache from Sense Pressa for your Christmas dinner. A red from the region of Padern, France. With its notes of ripe cantaloupe, tobacco, cherry, black currant, pink pepper, passion fruit, papaya, and anise this is a vibrant option to pair with stronger flavours and dishes with exotic notes. 
        A selection of great wine pairings for the Christmas meal
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