April 12, 2024

Our Favourite Orange Wines

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Our Favourite Orange Wines

Orange in the spotlight

With 'Koningsdag' just around the corner, the Netherlands is gearing up to paint the country orange! And what better way to join in the festivities than with a glass of something orange? What about an orange wine?

Orange wines have taken their place on many wine menus in the past years, offering a unique twist on the classic red, white and rosé options. In this post, we'll explore the allure of orange wines and introduce some standout selections from our collection.

A brief introduction: What is Orange Wine?

Put plainly, producing orange wine involves treating white grapes during fermentation much like red wine, allowing the grape juice to macerate alongside the grape skins. Extended maceration, temperature, and oxygen exposure influence orange wine's color and structure. Longer maceration and increased oxygen typically yield deeper hues and extract phenolic compounds, resulting in a texture more akin to red wine.

Orange wine, despite its name, is not a recent innovation. It has its roots in ancient winemaking practices dating back 5,000 years but has experienced a resurgence in recent years. To prevent confusion, some prefer to use the term 'amber wine,' as it contains no oranges. If you're wondering what to pair with it: An orange wine could be an excellent choice if you seek a white wine but need some depth and robustness to complement a flavorful and rich dish.


Top picks from our cellar

 Domaine Lampyres - Luminescence 2023

In Roussillon, François-Xavier Dauré, a fourth-generation winemaker, produces exceptional wines at Domaine Lampyres. Luminescence (2023), 100% Muscat Petit Grain grapes, undergoes a 20-day whole-bunch carbonic maceration process, giving it its distinctive orange color.

Katla Wines - Sassy (2022)

Jas Swan (Rheinhessen, Germany) has been vinifying natural wine since 2019. Bootstrapping Katla Wines, Jas has taken chances and experimented with a mix and match of winemaking styles, vineyard sites, and varietals. One of the results is Sassy (2022), a sparkling orange, made from Grüner Veltiner, Kerner, Pinot Blanc, and Riesling.

Katla Wines - Cucu (2021)

Cucu (2021), is another notable creation from Swan's portfolio. It's a blend of Cabernet Blanc (undergoes a 1-day cold maceration), Kerner (14-day maceration), and Regent (direct press). The result is a bubbly orange wine with distinct flavors reminiscent of Solero ice cream, jalapeño, padron pepper, and green apple.

Recerca - Golem (2022)

Golem (2022), a vibrant orange wine crafted solely from Macabeu grapes, is a creation of Recerca, which translates to 'research' in Catalan. Located in Côtes du Roussillon Villages, this winery is where Laurent Pujol and Jessica Albero passionately produce natural wines with a strong commitment to research, innovation, and quality winemaking practices.

Recerca - Voltor (2022)

Another wine by Recerca, Voltor (2022), is a balanced blend (50/50) of Macabeo and Muscat grapes. It undergoes a 3-day maceration and is aged for 8 months restulting in a light orange hue with notes of zesty orange peel, ripe peach, and the exotic sweetness of lychee.

BOUCHE - Melonbuzz 

Orange but without the alcohol. Melonbuzz is a non-alcoholic fermented infusion from BOUCHE (Berlin, Germany). This sparkling orange is made with Jasmine and Assam Tea, Charentais Melon and Szechuan Pepper. Resulting in a floral-fruity Pet-Nat Proxy, with minerality and spicy notes of the Szechuan Pepper.


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