May 22, 2024

Introducing our winemakers: Glow Glow

By Selection Sauvage


GLOW GLOW was launched as an experiment in 2019. Behind it are Pauline and Carl Bamberger, the 6th generation of a winemaking family. Weingut Baumberger dates back to 1855. The siblings had returned to the estate after exploring life away from the vineyards for a while. Both were enthusiastic about natural wines and set off to produce their own line. In 2023, the Baumberger family decided to focus their entire business on the production of natural wines.

Nestled in the picturesque region of Nahe, Germany, GLOW GLOW has a simple philosophy of winemaking: "Nothing is added, nothing is taken away" - minimal intervention, the wines are spontaneously fermented and bottled unfined and unfiltered, allowing the terroir to shine through in every sip.

GLOW GLOW embodies a new era of winemaking, one where tradition goes hand in hand with innovation. Their 2023 cuvées are now available in our warehouse.